On July 1, 2019, the Montana Economic Development Industry Advancement (MEDIA) Act came into affect. It offers a 20% transferable income tax credit on production expenditures in the state with additional amounts that can increase the credit up to 35% of the production company’s base investment in the tax year.

The MEDIA Act transferrable income tax credit is administered by two Montana State Agencies: The Department of Commerce/Film Office and the Department of Revenue. Productions must first apply for certification with the Department of Commerce/Film Office (this application). Then, to claim the credit, productions will apply with the Department of Revenue. Each department has their own sets of rules and both have application fees.

The specific incentive portions and provisions of the tax credit are available on our website, HERE.

Certification with the Montana Film Office is required before principle photography commences, with a non-refundable $500 filing fee. This application may be saved for editing until ready to submit. A PDF of the form for pre-application review is available HERE.

Registration with the Secretary of State is required. The registration process takes 7-10 days, and completed registration must be uploaded with this application. Tips for registration can be found HERE. Ready to Register? Go to, visit and apply with Montana Secretary of State HERE

To claim the MEDIA tax credit, productions must submit a media tax credit application with the Montana Department of Revenue after they have completed principal photography. Productions will need to submit their Submission of Costs to the Department of Revenue within 60 days of principal photography (which includes wrap) if you would like to claim the credit in the year of production. Visit the MT Department of Revenue to learn more HERE

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.